“Merry Tex-mas”

Harlequin American Romance
ISBN: 0-373-75093-5
November 2005

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Mariel Todd-Crandall and Grayson Crandall love their daughter, but since their divorce, it’s hard to find time to spend with Chloe. But Chloe’s sick of being ignored, and she knows her parents still love each other. So this Christmas she has a special plan, including a very special tree, that’s going to make Mom and Dad see that Christmas–and every day–should be spent as a family.

  • Texas Gold – Winner for Best Novella
  • More Than Magic -Winner for Best Novella
  • 2006 Gayle Wilson  Award of Excellence – Winner for Best Novella
  • Finalist of The 2006 Golden Quill for Best Novella

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