Harlequin American Romance
ISBN-10: 0-373-75253-9
ISBN-13: 978-0373752539
March 2009

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The Heat Is On In Horseshoe!

His friendly, peaceful Texas hometown is the ideal place for Wyatt Carson to raise his young daughter. Until Peyton Ross zooms through Horseshoe and turns his quiet world upside down.

Wyatt may think Peyton’s just another fun-loving party girl, but she intends to show the straitlaced sheriff what she’s really made of. And while she’s at it, put some fun back into the widowed lawman’s life…

With Peyton around, there’s never a dull moment. Even Wyatt’s eight-year-old is falling under the spell of the irrepressible blonde. But what happens once Peyton leaves his jurisdiction? Is she going to leave his heart in one piece?

  • CataNetwork’s Reviewer Choice Award Winner for 2009 – Harlequin American Romance


The door opened a crack and she stood there in nothing but a blue towel that made her eyes appear even bluer.

Her hair was wet and hung in strands around her face. Soft, silky skin dotted with cream peeped about the towel. Sleepy eyes stared back at him. Raw, primitive and all male emotions roused his lower abdomen and below.

He handed her the case. “Here are your things. Your wallet is in the safe at the office. Just thought I’d remove temptation.”

Frowning, she held the towel with one hand while taking the case with the other. Her fingers brushed across his and he felt as if he’d been baptized by fire. Baptized like a teenager who had just been touched by an attractive, sexy woman for the first time.

Rave Reviews

THE SHERIFF OF HORSESHOE, TEXAS (4) by Linda Warren: Horseshoe, Texas, is a quiet little town until spoiled heiress Peyton Ross screams through, driving twice the legal limit, then ignoring the police siren behind her. Peyton is running away from her empty life, but she doesn’t leave her bad attitude behind, so to teach her a lesson, the judge sentences her to two weeks of community service. With no room anywhere else in town, Peyton moves in with the sheriff of Horseshoe and his daughter. Widowed Wyatt Carson has buried himself in his work and his 8-year-old daughter, and his sudden attraction to the city girl is unwelcome. The real draw is in the dramatic evolutions all these characters experience before they come together in this charming and funny tale.
-Pat Cooper – Romantic Times

Linda Warren is a wonderful writer with a sensational story to tell. She captivated me from the start with Peyton’s spunky attitude and Wyatt’s determination to keep the law enforced. I couldn’t wait to find out how the story would end. Would Peyton lose her zest or would Wyatt lose control? There is nothing better than closing a book and say “ahhh”. Linda wove a tale of love and woe that left you feeling good in the end. If you haven’t read a Linda Warren book, I highly recommend you try one today. I for one look forward to reading more of her books in the future.
Reviewed by Dyan Grant – Noveltalk


THE SHERIFF OF HORSESHOE, TEXAS is a romantic tale that stole my heart. A story about acceptance and self-discovery, it shows that everyone has potential to change-if the desire to do so is present.

When Peyton breezes through Wyatt’s sleepy little town she’s on the run-from her life but mostly from herself. She will eventually be forced to confront the woman she has become-courtesy of Horseshoe’s handsome sheriff. Wyatt, although seemingly self-assured and in control, has his own set of emotional baggage. Peyton, a rich socialite who is initially anything but likeable, becomes the catalyst for change in the hunky sheriff’s life. She makes her mark on Wyatt, his sweet daughter and his grieving mother, and does it all without breaking a sweat. Peyton, beneath the glitz and gloss, is a woman who is ready to step out of the mold she’s made for herself. Watching her emerge is like watching a butterfly unfurl its wings-truly enchanting!

My only regret regarding Linda Warren’s THE SHERIFF OF HORSESHOE, TEXAS is that it had to end. I loved every minute of this story! The writing is engaging, the characters realistic, sympathetic and unforgettable and the dialogue is so perfectly appropriate I could hear every conversation. A great read!

Kay James
The Romance Reader at Heart

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