Book 1 of The Belles of Texas

Harlequin Super Romance
ISBN-10: 0373715749
ISBN-13: 978-0373715749
July 2009

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It’s the fight of her life…

Caitlyn Belle will die before she’ll let Judd Calhoun take her Texas ranch. Her arrogant and wealthy neighbor has been waiting to get back at her for jilting him fourteen years ago. But she wasn’t about to be roped and steered into wedlock. Even if her feelings for Judd went far beyond a business arrangement between their two families.

Judd will never forgive Cait for walking out on him. Now that her late father’s gambling debts have her backed into a corner, he’s ready to take his sweet revenge. First, he has to forget the yearning in Cait’s forget-me-not blue eyes. Just when Judd thought he was over her-trust the fearless, stubborn woman to tempt him all over again…

  • Booksellers Best Award Winner



“Let me go!”

Caitlyn flailed her arms and Judd pulled up and released her. She fell to the ground on her butt, her eyes firing blue flames at him. “You bastard.”

He rested back in the saddle, staring down at her. “Is that any way to talk to a man who just saved your life?”

She stood and dusted off the back of her jeans. “You’re trespassing, Judd. Get off my property.” She swung her cute butt around and headed back to the hive of cattle.

She stepped into the mud without hesitation and bent to a pipe that was gushing water.

He slid from the saddle and went to help her. His head told him to ride away. This woman had hurt him more than anyone in his life.

But his heart was a traitor, urging him forward.

Rave Reviews

CAITLYN’S PRIZE (4) by Linda Warren: Caitlyn Belle needs Judd Calhoun’s help to save her family’s debt-ridden ranch after her father dies. But their relationship is complicated by their past — namely Caitlyn’s decision to break off their engagement years earlier after Judd told her he didn’t know what love was. Even now Caitlyn’s not sure she can trust him, but in the wake of sabotage on the ranch, her options are limited. Warren’s well-drawn characters thrive on the sexual tension between them, and the backstories of both of Caitlyn’s half-sisters add an extra layer of depth to the novel.
Romantic Times –Alexandra Kay

CAITLYN’S PRIZE was really a very good read! Judd was not a very likeable character to start with, but as the story progressed, you realize that he is much deeper then the first impression, and his hidden depths make him much more attractive. Caitlyn was also an excellent character, focused on doing whatever she had to in order to keep her family’s heritage in one piece. All in all, CAITLYN’S PRIZE was an entertaining read!
Noelle –(4.5)Romance Junkies

Award winning author Linda Warren begins a fascinating new series about the cowgirl Belles with the first book: CAITLYN’S PRIZE. Handsome alpha-male Judd Calhoun has no chance with feisty headstrong Caitlyn Belle. Judd may think he can deal with Caitlyn without emotion becoming involved but he learns that even his cold heart can’t withstand the passionate Caitlyn. Cowgirls rule the range and the heart in this entertaining book, CAITLYN’S PRIZE. And with two more Belle cowgirls, readers can look forward to more excitement and romance to come!
Donna –(4.5)CataRomance

The story line is fast-paced yet also enhanced by the strong support cast making CAITLYN’S PRIZE a great opening “Cowboy Country” second chance at love romance.
–(5)Harriet Klausner

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