Book 3 of The Belles of Texas

Harlequin Super Romance
ISBN-10: 0373716109
ISBN-13: 978-0373716104
January 2010

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Skylar, the youngest Belle daughter, is known as the rebellious sister. But her days of sowing wild oats are over-now her life’s about running the family ranch and keeping her four-year-old daughter safe. And Skylar doesn’t feel very safe around Cooper Yates, High Five’s foreman… and a former criminal.
Cooper can’t shake his reputation as an outlaw. Being framed for a crime he didn’t commit is one thing. A stubborn boss lady making him feel he doesn’t belong on the ranch-the only home he’s known in years-is another.
But when danger threatens her child, Cooper has a chance to show Skylar what really separates the good guys from the bad.

  • The Colorado Award of Excellence – Winner
  • Bookbuyer’s Best Award – Winner
  • National Reader’s Choice Award – Winner
  • Golden Quill Award –
  • RomCon Reader’s Crown Award
  • The Holt Medallion for Long Contemporary – Winner
  •  The More Than Magic Contest in Sensual Contemporary – Winner


Skylar’s Outlaw can be seen in the music video for Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen.

Rave Reviews

SKYLAR’S OUTLAW (4) by Linda Warren: Determined to get Cooper Yates off her family farm, Skylar Belle calls a meeting with her two sisters to tell them the ranch foreman has to go. But they insist Cooper stay and hint that maybe Skylar wants him gone for a reason unrelated to his ex-con status. To prove her sisters wrong, Skylar learns to work with Cooper and soon finds out her sisters may have been right after all. Warren combines an interesting plot with excellent description — of people, scenery and animals. A double-pronged crisis in the form of Skylar’s daughter going missing, just when her grandparents have come to take her away, adds extra tension to the plot.
Romantic Times Magazine —Alexandra Kay

Belle sisters, Cait and Maddie are happily married with families of their own; which leaves Skylar in charge of running High Five, the family ranch. There is only one problem, High Five’s foreman and ex-con, Cooper Yates. The man is rude and will not listen to Skylar’s orders. He has to go! Skylar’s first priority is keeping her daughter safe, whether it be from threats to take Kira away by her daughter’s grandparents or insubordination from a criminal cowhand.

When both of her sisters stand up for Cooper during a family meeting, Skyler is forced to rethink her opinion. The more she learns about Cooper the more she falls for the outlaw cowboy. And when he saves her daughter, well, there is no turning back.

Master storyteller Linda Warren has a way with words that pulls the reader in and wrings the last bit of emotion out before she lets go. SKYLAR’S OUTLAW is the last beautiful book in The Belles of Texas series and I am sad to day good-bye to these three sassy sisters and their ruggedly handsome cowboys. In SKYLAR’S OUTLAW we meet Skylar’s courageous little girl, Kira, diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, a disease that Ms. Warren has experienced first hand and so aptly portrays for her readers. The gratifying way the Belle family surrounds Kira with love and support touches the heart and helps define the special feelings that Cooper has for Skylar and Kira. You won’t be able to put this book down until the last page is turned.
Donna (5) –CataRomance

Linda Warren had no trouble working lots of angst into the story, and the tension between hero and heroine was both sexual and circumstantial. What I liked is that they realized in the end that they had both been wrong, and worked at getting over their ugly attitudes. When Kira fell into the well, I actually found myself holding my breath – as if that would help get her out faster.
An exciting read, Skylar’s Outlaw is fast paced, and hard to put down once you pick it up.
Donna B (Pink Heart Society Reviews)

This third book of The Belles of Texas series is a wonderful look at how people can change over the years. A very well written book that draws you into the country of Texas and leaves you smiling the entire time you are reading. Skylar’s Outlaw is a gentle story of love overcoming personal boundaries. Linda Warren’s hero not only steals Skylar’s heart, but will also steal yours.
Amy LaVora (NovelTalk Review)

Loved, loved this book. Then again, what isn’t there to like about a hero with a dark and mysterious past? Linda Warren manages to write such depth into her characters without getting bogged down in angst or going over the top. Her characters are real, likeable and sometimes not so much. Its the level of relatability that makes for a good read, IMO.
The hero is uber sexy and the heroine stubborn enough to get the job done without being a real pain in the butt. They don’t like each other at all in the beginning of the book which makes their coming together all the more sweeter. Skylar’s Outlaw is a must read as are the other titles in this trilogy.

SKYLAR’S OUTLAW is captivating. It is a wonderful story of redemption. If you have read the other books in the Belles of Texas series, you will find some old acquaintances that you’ll be glad to see again. Most satisfying reading!
Camellia (Long & Short Reviews)

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