McCain Brothers, Book 3

Harlequin SuperRomance
ISBN: 0-373-71354-1
June 2006

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The lawman with a heart of gold

Caleb McCain, Texas Ranger, will always be a son of Texas-loyal to the badge, always working above and beyond the call of duty. Which means taking care of Belle Doe, a woman rescued from a horrible fate and left without any memories.

But Belle is starting to remember. As Belle disappears, Josie Marie Beckett emerges, and Caleb knows he must back away to allow Josie to complete her healing. As they get closer to finding the person who tried to kill her, she recalls more of her past-including her fiancé.

Loyalty to his job means he must let her go. Loyalty to his heart means he wants to keep her close.

  • Readers and Bookbuyers Best Laurie – Finalist for Contemporary
  • Aspen Gold Reader’s Choice – Finalist in Romantic Suspense
  • Finalist in the Romantic Suspense category of the WisRWA Write Touch Readers’ Awards


“What are you thinking about?” Caleb asked.

“About the future. The person who shot me. My memory. And you.”

“Me?” He lifted an eyebrow.

“Yes.” Josie snuggled into him once again and his arm instinctively went around her. “And how much I’m going to miss you and your voice.”

“My voice?”

Josie told Caleb about the warm milk and how his voice made her feel, especially when she felt afraid.

“You can always drink a glass of warm milk with chocolate in it when I’m not around.” He was trying to be flippant, but his heart felt heavy.

“It won’t be the same.” Josie looked at him and slowly kissed the corner of his mouth. “Kiss me, Caleb.”

He couldn’t resist. He took her lips with a fiery hunger fueled by a year of glances, touches, and yearnings. For a brief moment he ignored the warnings in his head and tasted her tongue, her lips, her mouth, and let himself feel everything that he shouldn’t. He couldn’t do this to her, to himself, to Eric. Once her memory returned, she would regret this lapse.

Josie belonged to someone else.

Rave Reviews:

“4 stars! Son of Texas is a wonderful romantic read. Caleb and Josie will burrow their way into the hearts of readers. Secondary characters are a charming addition to this emotional read.”
Kristi Ahlers
Romantic Times Magazine

“5 Stars! Son of Texas is a dynamic read. Linda Warren has such a warm down home way when penning her stories. I love her sensitive, loyal, manly hero Caleb. He is true to his job but very human with his feelings. Josie Belle has a spark of humor and self reliance that is likeable in a heroine, no weak shrinking violet in this book. The story line is very engaging and kept me reading to find out what prize awaited on the next page.”
Donna Zapf

“4 1/2 Hearts! Son of Texas is a superb page-turner that immerses the reader quickly into the suspense of who Belle Doe is. This reviewer couldn’t put the book down until all the questions were answered by Ms. Warren’s smooth yet crisp prose and the skill which she slowly unfolds Belle’s identity. This book is so good that it will have you running to find Ms. Warren’s backlist.”
Debora Hosey
The Romance Readers Connection

“Son of Texas is a delightful romantic suspense. Linda Warren provides a strong character study of deciding just who the heroine is, Belle Doe or Josie Marie Beckett.”
Harriet Klausner

“Linda Warren writes a story about betrayal, mystery and true love. This story will keep you guessing to the very end.”
Helen Slifer

“Son of Texas is well written with realistic dialogue and an interesting storyline.”
Marilyn Heyman
Romance Reviews Today

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