McCain Brothers, Book 5

Harlequin SuperRomance
September 2007

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After answering a call asking for backup, Texas Ranger Jeremiah “Tuck” Tucker discovers an abandoned child at the crime scene. Little Brady has been neglected-and it turns out he has no living family. Tuck is determined to give the two-year-old boy a home, and starts the process of adoption.

He’s furious when he learns Grace Whitten, a lawyer and family friend, is representing a couple who also want Brady. She and Tuck have never gotten along, and now she’s questioning his abilities as a parent. But once he finds out Grace’s true intentions for the child, he begins to see beyond the lawyer, to the woman. And to the potential wife and mother…

  • Adopted Son hit #9 on the Waldenbooks Series Bestseller List.
  • Award of Merit in Holt Medallion (Virginia Romance Writers)


“Have you ever thought of having kids of your own?”

Grace was pressing her luck with the question, but Tuck didn’t seem upset.

“Sure, when I was younger. And if I’m honest I’d have to admit that when I look at Jesse, I wonder how it would feel to look into the face of my own child. That’s a selfish male reaction. I know it would be the same as looking at Brady or Dillon.”

“Do you know that you’re a wonderful man?”

“Care to back up those words, ma’am?”

Grace lifted an eyebrow. “How?”

“Dancing.” Tuck grabbed her hand and pulled her into the den. He poked a button on the stereo system and the sounds of a beautiful slow waltz wafted through the room. He moved the area rug back and flipped off the lights. They were enclosed in a world all their own.

“You’re trembling,” he whispered against her hair.

“I think I’m a little afraid of what’s happening between us.” She hadn’t realized what she was feeling until she heard herself say the words.

“What’s happening?”

“I don’t know. Maybe that’s what I’m afraid of.”

Rave Reviews:

Attracted to Texas Ranger Jeremiah Tucker ever since her sister married his stepbrother, attorney Grace Whitten is sure he’ll never give her the time of day. But after Grace recuses herself from an adoption case where Tuck’s the other party, the two end up in a relationship. Linda Warren’s fresh treatment of a fairly common plotline makes Adopted Son (4 stars) a pleasure to read The revelation of Tuck’s mother makes the story more interesting, and Warren’s depiction of Tuck’s and Grace’s complex emotions is spot on.
Romantic Times Magazine

5 Stars – ADOPTED SON is like old home week as beloved characters from all of the McCain Brother books meet again and wrap the reader in their warmth and love for family. Favorite author Linda Warren dazzles as she catches us up on all the characters’ lives and how they are all intertwined without missing a single beat. Ms Warren continues to tell a tale deep in feeling and with a potent message, this time about child abuse, with compassion and hope. My recommendation is to get “a-hold” of copies of the McCain Brothers series and savor each and every one but save the best for last, the gratifying ADOPTED SON by Linda Warren.

ADOPTED SON is an uplifting family story as well as a sweet, charming romance, and readers can expect to squeeze out a tear or two with this touching tale. It is a story that will capture your heart — a thoroughly enjoyable read.
Marilyn Heyman
Romance Reviews Today

ADOPTED SON is a novel filled not only with romance but emotion. The emotions run from joy to heartbreaking sadness, from humor to horror and hits all the highs and lows in between. Linda Warren draws readers in from the first scene where Brady is alone and eating dog food to survive. Tuck’s story will bring tears to reader’s eyes when he tells the story of how he came to be the man he is today. Later tears of joy streamed down this reader’s face when Tuck and Grace become the family they long to be.

Tuck is the man all mothers want their sons to become. There is not a character flaw that could ruin this man; his only downfall was the need to salvage his pride with Grace. When she finds herself in his sights as a potential enemy lust overtakes them both, and they find they need more than what either can handle alone. As the story heats up, Grace takes over her own life and tells her father just what she wants to do in life, instead of being Daddy’s ‘son’ and gives the story a dimension that makes this one of the best Harlequin Romance novels written, in this reviewers opinion.
Angie – 5 Hearts

Adopted Son was such a delightful story and a quick enjoyable read. Linda Warren shared a story where the hero had great character. I took pleasure in the fact that the hero has a large heart for others and I promise this book gives you that plus tenderness.
Theresa from A Romance

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