McCain Brothers, Book 4

Harlequin SuperRomance
ISBN: 0-373-71375-4
October 2006

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Beau McCain has become a successful lawyer, held the family together, mended fences and watched while others found love…. Now it’s his turn. Or it would have been if Beau had managed to show Macy Randall that he wasn’t just a substitute brother, that he could be—was meant to be—the man for her. But somewhere in the terrible breakup of her first marriage was the reason she refused to try again.

Yet just as Beau has reconciled himself to a life apart, an abandoned baby unexpectedly brings him and Macy together, pitching them both into a dramatic custody battle—reminding everyone that when something’s very precious, it deserves a new start.

Meet the real Zoe from the cover of The Bad Son. Her name is Corey Mae, and her grandmother sent the photo of her. Isn't she beautiful?

  • Four Stars from Romantic Times Magazine
  • Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence – Winner in Long Contemporary
    First Place Tie
  • Finaled in the Booksellers Best Contest in Long Contemporary category (Greater Detroit Romance Writers).


“You were married for less than two years. What happened?”

She remained silent.


“He divorced me, okay?” With angry movements she walked over to the bassinet in the corner.

“He divorced you?” Beau was thrown for a second. “Was he having an affair?”

“No.” She fingered the lace on the crib.

Beau hated to keep on, but their future was at stake. “Then why?”

“As I said, it’s none of your business.”

“You know I’m not stopping until you tell…”

She swung around, eyes flashing. “Because I’m not perfect.”

That made no sense to him. She was perfect in every way. “What are you talking about?”

“This conversation is over.” She headed for the door. “Go home, Beau.”

He caught her arm. “I love you and I’m not leaving until you tell me why you can’t love me.”

Her eyes clouded over. “Because I’m the reason my baby is dead.”

Rave Reviews:

“Linda Warren’s The Bad Son (4) is an engaging story. Her well-written dialogue and story will keep readers interested.”
Alexandra Kay
Romantic Times Magazine

“Linda Warren’s The Bad Son is an emotionally charged read and will have you reaching for tissues throughout.”
Leigh Orlowski
Romance Junkies

“The Bad Son is an enchanting romance story that readers are sure to enjoy. Two single best friends find true love. Warren writes a wonderful man in Beau McCain and readers can’t help falling in love with this gorgeous man. He is so in love with one woman and trying everything he can to stay in her life. You can’t help but love his determination and sympathize with him when he gets rejected over and over. So don’t be fooled by the title he really is a good son. The conflict between Marcy and Beau moves the plot along as it is based on an inner struggle that is not easily resolved. Adding depth to the book, Warren adds a wonderful collection of supporting characters that make the book come alive and add fun elements to the storyline. Readers will find themselves falling in love with this story and being charmed by the struggles and true love that make this book a simply captivating read.”
Tracy Zappata-Contemporary Romance Writers
Romance Designs

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Beau, Macy and sweet little Zoë. Their struggle to make a new life, especially for Zoë, was heart wrenching. Beau is a solid dependable man that took far too long to make a move with Macy but I had to admire his devotion. Macy decidedly had reasons to be cautious but I just wanted to shake her a time or two, which is a credit to Ms. Warren for making her characters so real to her readers. THE BAD SON (4 1/2 stars) is definitely a book that everyone will take pleasure in reading, particularly fans of Linda Warren. Thank you, Ms. Warren, for another delightful visit to the McCain clan. ”
Donna Zapf

“The Bad Son is a fine escape into the lives of Beau and Macy and the challenges that await them as they find their way to love everlasting. ”
Diana Risso
Romance Reviews Today

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