August 2011: The Hardin Boys begin with The Texan's Secret from Harlequin SuperRomance.








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Photos from RWA® National 2009 in Washington, DC

SuperRomance Chocolate Party
with Paula Eykelhof, Harlequin Editorial Director
Dinner with American authors [Cathy Gillen Thacker, Cathy McDavid, Johanna Raisanen (Associate Ed. American) CC Coburn, me and Kathleen (Senior Ed. American)]
Susan Gable and me enjoying the Harlequin Party
Enjoying DC with Melinda
Chatting with Wanda Ottewell, Senior Editor Superromance, at the Ritas
All jittery with my editor Kathleen Scheibling, Senior Editor American, at the Ritas
Talking with Brenda Novak
Having fun with Cindi Myers after the Ritas
Getting to know new American author CC Coburn
Visiting with friend Diane Despain

Photos from RWA® National 2007 in Dallas

Getting ready for the booksigning. I signed my February release ONCE A COWBOY of the Cowboy trilogy.
Melinda Curtis shows me the Booksellers' Best pin I won for The Cowboy's Return
Victoria Curran, editor for Super Romance, looks at the pin
Getting a hug from Victoria
Pizza with Amy Knupp, Kay Stockham and Justin Knupp
Cowboy Country Month Authors; Elaine Grant, Jeannie Watts and me wearing cowboy hats Elaine got for us. Don't we look cool?
Dinner with American authors Victoria Chancellor, Kathy McDavid, Judy Christenberry, Kathleen Scheibling, my editor, Paula Eykelhof, Harlequin Editorial Director and Ann Defee
Visiting with Cheryl Holt
Talking with Susan Gable
Having a chat with Laura Shin, editor
Susan, Linda Barrett and me enjoying the Harlequin Party
Kathy Shay, Susan, Margaret Watson, LindaB and myself having fun at the Harlequin Party
LindaB, me, Kay, and Amy trying to visit at the Harlequin Party
After the party with Helen Brenna and her friend
Kathleen Scheibling, my editor and me. Two Texas cowgirls. Sort of.
Susan showing off her legs. Some mighty fine legs, too

Photos from RWA National 2004 in Dallas

Getting Ready for Dallas Booksigning Getting ready for the booksigning in Dallas
Chocolate Party! Chocolate Party (l to r) Susan Gable, Linda Barrett, Me, Judith Arnold, Kathryn Shay, (back) Sherry Lewis, Margaret Watson, Linda Style, Anna DeStefano, Ann Evans, Kathleen O'Brien, Rogenna Brewer.
RWA Luncheon - Deb Salonen, Melinda Curtis, Sherry Lewis RWA Luncheon--me, Deb Salonen, Melinda Curtis, Sherry Lewis